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Who am I?
I’m Katt. I'm on parental leave for 8 months, but I prefer to call it my No-Code sabbatical🤘 because it sounds badass. During these 8 months I’m doing some No-Code freelance gigs and I'm building side projects in public to learn, have fun and (hopefully) quit my job.

My first No-Code project got recently acquired. I got contacted by so many people with questions. I received so many kind words from people who want to do the same.

So I decided to start this newsletter to inspire other makers and help them get started by learning from other successful No-Code Exits.


  • Follow my #buildinpublic journey on Twitter (DM’s are open, happy to answer questions or make new friends)

  • For people looking for a real problem to solve. I’m creating a highly curated directory full of business idea tactics to get you started with a business that solves a real problem.

  • For parents download the coolest tech coloring pages for free here.

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  • Final shout out to 100 Days of No Code Bootcamp that got me started and supported me during my No-Code journey.

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Katt Risen
Building side projects in public to learn and have fun